Your first visit (3 months before your event) is about measurements, the design and cost.
You need an idea of what you want:

  •  The style, colour and length of your garment.
  •  Do you want it lined?
  •  If you are a Bride, do you want a train – how long?
  •  Are you having a veil – how long?

Michelle will offer advice and guidance on fabric choice, where to shop and quantity.

Your second visit is the first fitting of your garment.

  • You need to be at (or close to) your final weight
  • You need to bring the underwear you will wear with your finished garment. Michelle’s advice is, where possible, you will always look better with a bra – particularly if your dress is unstructured.

Your final visit is the final fitting of your garment.

  • You need to bring your shoes to measure the hem.

There are typically 3 or 4 visits in total.